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Our Strength

1011SIPTEA owns various franchise stores across the world, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, U.S.A., Canada and Indonesia. We continue to expand our business globally. 

Well-rounded brand seminar and tea brewing demonstration by our specialists 

1011SIPTEA’s main focu is on providing healthy drinks. Franchisers who join our team will be invited to brewing demonstrations of 1011SIPTEA’s products by our specialists and acquired the right of sales.

Ownership of our brand mascot 1011

Franchises will own the licenses of 1011SIPTEA brand mascot for direct marketing and promoting purposes after final approval.

Collaboration with other brands and parties

1011SIPTEA often collaborates with other brands including popular IP (intellectual property) characters such as Snoopy, Line Friends, P.star, and fashion brand Boy LONDON, etc.


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Qualification Criteria

As a franchisee, you must:

  • Be interested in owning a business;
  • Be able to obtain and maintain all licenses necessary for store operation; 
  • Be able to receive 60 to 90 days of on-the-job training; 
  • Not operating a competing business; 
  • Willing to take on challenges in a competitive market environment; 
  • Retail or service experience is preferred; 
  • Apply as an individual; Have a high school education or above


  • Have or will recruit 7-10 people to work for you as your own employees; 
  • Have approximately HK$480,000-HK$780,000 ready for the Franchise Fee and deposit on initial inventory
Experience and skill set  

  • Have a keen business sense and good interpersonal skills; 
  • Have organization skills and management experience; 
  • Have managerial skills; 
  • Be able to read, write and speak Cantonese/Chinese at a proficient level and able to communicate in basic English and Mandarin; 
  • Basic computer skills


General Franchising

1011SIPTEA will arrange a franchise seminar hosted by our specialists to make sure every franchisee can quickly adapt to the daily business operation. 

We will arrange franchise specialists to fully assist franchisers, from retail store preparations, store set up, marketing to grand opening.

You will be invited to a franchise seminar hosted by our specialists, to introduce the concept and operation strategies of our brand. In addition, we will arrange dedicated staff to give advice in relevant business. 

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Bring 1011SIPTEA spirit to your territory.