East meets west

Founded in Taiwan, 1011SIPTEA is a tea bar which brings together modern lifestyle, healthy living and tea culture. 1011SIPTEA aims to integrate different tea cultures and to show the profound cultural background and essence of drinking tea. In addition to the color, aroma, and taste, to determine the quality of the tea, modern tea ceremonies emphasize form, ingredients, and tea brewing methods.

Our Story

Astronaut 1011, who loves interstellar travel, has traveled through many nebulae in a spacecraft and finally landed on the Earth. He yielded to curiosity and started a journey to master different tea cultures from all over the world. It aims to allow the consumer to visualize their journey as an astronaut, flying an exclusive spacecraft to 1011SIPTEA to find their perfectly matched SIPTEA.


Our Mission

1011SIPTEA is like a transit point for your daily life - no matter how tight your schedule would be, just drop by and enjoy a cup of bubble tea. SIP A LITTLE, LIVE A LOT! Each individual 1011SIPTEA drinks has its own unique taste, by incorporating music at our tea bars, consumers can enjoy their moments to a different dimension when visiting.

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A Sip of Classic Brew Tea

Pure tea is the most primitive taste of tea culture, allowing you to taste the natural tea aroma, and the pure tea aroma satisfies you with the purest texture.

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A Sip of Fruits Tea

1011SIPTEA carefully selected fresh fruits and mix and match with different teas. Each combination is unique. Fruit tea series is fresh and light with a rich fruity fragrance.

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A Sip of Classic Tapioca

The white jade tapiocas boiled in caramel are added to a variety of tea bases with fresh milk. The caramel flavour is mixed with the milk tea fragrance and given every bite a rich texture.

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A Sip of Creamy Milk

Fresh creamy milk directly delivered from local farms, immersed your taste buds in the smooth milk.

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A Sip of Cheese Crema

The cheese crema is perfectly suited with tea by nature. Sitting gently on top of the tea, gives birth to a unique soft taste, slightly salted and adds complication. 

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A Sip of Healthiness

1011SIPTEA Healthiness series comprehensively take care your body. Our formula shows you “the health flavour is delicious” 

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