1011SIPTEA X LINE Friends Run 2018 Hong Kong

Run with 1011SIPTEA and LINE FRIENDS from the heart of Hong Kong! In addition to cheering everyone up during the event, we also provided healthy handshake beverages. Thanks to the support from our Hong Kong fans, we sold out and closed early on that day!

The bestsellers of the day are the following three drinks:

Buckwheat Tea with Cheese Cream - great for replenishing energy, the sweetness and the saltiness of the cheese cream blend perfectly with the refreshing buckwheat tea.

Sugarcane Lovers - sweet but not overly so while nourishing and re-energizing, t can help relieve heat and restore sugar.

Lavender and Wolfberry with Taro Balls - a refreshing and nutritious trifecta includes the wolfberry, which can quench thirst, protect the liver, sharpen eyesight, and can improve insomnia when combined with lavender, and taro balls to maintain qi and health of the kidney.